I’ve known Arek for several years now in his capacity as a senior run technician at Profeet in Fulham and it was through there I learned he was also a qualified masseur. It was also his work there that I believe has given him such a good understanding on not only how the body fits together but also how slight little niggles can be symptomatic of larger problems if they’re not treated. Not only was my injury treated but I got a whole range of advice about conditioning, rehabbing and a great understanding of how to manage the little wears and tears running can have on an ageing body. I’d have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Arek to anyone looking not only to maintain muscle fitness but also to rehab injuries.

Gary Dalton, UTMB and (268 mile) The Spine Race finisher


Arek was instrumental in getting me back running after picking an injury following winning South Downs Way 50 in 2015. He struck the perfect balance: being as tough as possible without causing any damage in order to get me back on track as quickly as possible. He was very knowledgeable and during the process identified other areas I needed to work on to avoid injury in the future.

Victor Mound, South Downs Way 50 – 2015 – winner


Ι am not an easy client to massage. As someone who suffers from chronic tension in my upper back, shoulders and neck, which often leads to almost debilitating headaches, I need very deep and skilled massage work to gain any relief; gentle, “relaxing”-type treatments only cause me frustration. In addition to that, as a massage therapist myself, I have both the training and experience to recognise technique, confidence and the innate gift of touch, and I have very little patience for therapists who lack them. Arek, I am pleased to say, possesses all three. He has that essential skill of observing and “listening” to his clients in order to be guided to the areas that need attention, and to give them the kind of attention they need, varying the depth, pressure and techniques he applies accordingly. I recommend him without any hesitation, as both a client and a fellow professional.

Daphne Kapsali


I came to Arek initially with very tight hamstrings which were seriously affecting my 10k race performance as a male veteran in his 50s. Two appointments loosened me up very well and my race times happily improved. We moved on to other areas that needed attention (back, calves). Again this was very helpful. I found he was quickly able to find the correct locus needing attention and his good technique were plainly in evidence. He also provided some useful exercises to maintain the gains in between massage sessions and in relation to training. I actually found our discussions during the sessions very informative especially when it came to anatomy and injury prevention.

Adam Campbell, 5k and 10k distance runner


I consulted Arek after injuring my lower back during weight training. His knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics was impressive as was his calm and confident approach. He quickly located and treated the source of my injury with an immediate improvement in pain and mobility (just in time for me to catch a long haul flight which was much more comfortable as a result). He also gave excellent advice on preventing further injury and I have since returned to training with no further problems. I strongly recommend treatment with Arek, he is a knowledgeable, safe and effective therapist.

Peter Davies, 4-5 sessions per week running and weight training